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24.05.2015. CBSS comments on the Appropriate Assessment Study for the ecological network Ombla HPP


10.12.2014. CBSS organized The night of cave animals in Dubrovnik
27.11.2014. INVITATION: The night of cave animals in Dubrovnik City
20.07.2014. Lecture and workshop "Life under the city - the richest cave system in Croatia"
11.03.2014. Croatian Biospeleological Society became member of the BatLife Europe


20.12.2013 The Cave Type Localities Atlas of Croatian Fauna, Volume 2 was published
28.11.2013 The announcement for the 13th European Bat Research Symposium
30.10.2013 The monograph Natural and historical heritage of Tomislavgrad is published
20.09.2013 A new species of snail from the Lukina jama - Trojama cave system is decribed in the journal Subterranean biology
17.09.2013 CBSS on Scientific Picnic 2013
20.06.2013 Open days of CBSS in 2013
30.04.2013 A leaflet "Hidden life inside Velebit" is published
29.04.2013 CBSS on ZaDobroBIT/GivenGain platform
25.04.2013 Exibition: Zagreb caving - yesterday, today and tomorrow
20.04.2013 The results of research of the dinaric cave clam Congeria are published
20.03.2013 The book Tajne podzemlja is published
10.03.2013 Annual Meeting of the CBSS
10.01.2013. Described two new species of cave species of beetles
05.01.2013. In 2013., the CBSS implements SOKNO - Quality assurance system for nonprofit organizations, in its work


10.10.2012. "Second International Symposium on Anchialine Ecosystems"
15.09.2012. CBSS in organization of European Bat Night
10.09.2012. 21st International Conference on Subterranean Biology, Košice 2012.
20.08.2012. Cave shrimps Troglocaris s. str. (Dormitzer, 1853), taxonomic revision and description of new taxa after phylogenetic and morphometric studies
14.08.2012. In journal Annales: Series Historia Naturalis Vol. 22 No. 1 paper about Subterranean fauna of twelve Istrian caves is published
02.07.2012. Booklet Cave Jama u Predolcu - meeting of the worlds is published
20.06.2012. An article "Speleological and biospeleological research in Kostrena in period since 2010 to 2011" is published
12.06.2012. CBSS will present its work to wide public through organisation of Open door event on 16 June 2012.
01.05.2012. Published Book of proceedings of Symposium on protection of caves and cave fauna, Ogulin 2010.
30.04.2012. Scientific symposium "Special values of deep karst" was held on 21 - 22 April 2012 in Krasno, Croatia.
29.04.2012. Research of pigment melanin biosynthesis on cave animals of Croatia
28.04.2012. A booklet of the project Research and conservation of Dinaric type localities of cave dwelling fauna is published
20.04.2012. Description of Stephos Boettgerschnacka sp. nov., a new Copepod from an anchialine cave in the Adriatic sea


22.12.2011. In journal Natura Croatiaca Vol 20. No. 2 two papers about cave beetles and terrestrial isopods are published.
21.12.2011. Scientific symposium: Special values of deep karst, April 21-22, Krasno, Croatia.
20.12.2011. Find out more about project Subterranean conservation of the lost cave systems of the Dinaric Arc on the official project web site
19.12.2011. CBSS received an Institutional grant of National Foundation for Civil Society Development
14.07.2011. 22. Symposium internationale entomofaunisticum Europae centralis (SIEEC 22), Varaždin 2011
13.07.2011. 19th International Karstological School "Classical Karst" - Karst Underground Protection, Postojna, Slovenia, 20.-25.6.2011.
30.06.2011. 2nd International Symposium on "Anchialine Ecosystems"
23.05.2011. Jana Bedek and CBSS received the Whitley Award 2011.
20.05.2011. New species of collembola, Tritomurus veles, from Croatian cave
18.05.2011. The Red Book of Cave Fauna of Croatia published
16.05.2011. The Fourth Balkan Photo Contest
11.02.2011. New genus and three new species of cave beetles (Coleoptera) described from Croatian caves.
25.01.2011. The Cave Type Localities Atlas of Croatian Fauna