The Croatian Biospeleological Society (CBSS) is non-governmental, non-profit organization acknowledged, registered and supported by Ministry of Science, Education and Sport that has been working successfully since its foundation in 1996. It is an organization for biospeleology that deals with research and conservation of subterranean fauna and its habitats on the whole territory of the Republic of Croatia with its members being both scientists, experts and cavers.

Main goals:

evaluation, conservation and protection of subterranean biota and its habitats.

Activities of the members to achieve the goals:

  • fieldwork research on subterranean fauna and its habitat
  • analysis of the data gathered in laboratory
  • foundation, organisation and curatorship of biospeleological collection
  • work presentation through lectures, workshops, seminars, congresses and multimedia happenings
  • raising public awareness on importance of the subterranean fauna and its habitat
  • cooperation with all parties involved in nature conservation both from governmental and non-governmental sector as wells as with major stakeholders involved in using natural resources
  • publishing popular, expert and scientific papers in various printed media