18th International Karstological School "Classical Karst" in Postojna, Slovenia


The 18th International Karstological School "Classical Karst" was dedicated to Dinaric karst. It was held from 14th to 19th June, 2010. in town of Postojna in Slovenia. Organizer of this School was Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU in Postojna. This year School was a part of EU project Karst Underground Protection and therefore partly financed by IPA Operational Programme Slovenia-Croatia 2007-2013.

The goal of this International Karstological School "Classical Karst" was to present geomorfological, geological, hidrogeological, biospeleological and speleological characteristics of Dinaric karst and also to enable younger karstologists to compare Dinaric karst with other subtypes of karst between tropical and polar regions.

Noumerous representatives from Croatia presented their work through poster and oral presentations. Members of Croatian Biospeleological Society presented their work on seven posters:

  • J. Bedek, M. Lukić, R. Ozimec, B. Jalžić, H. Bilandžija, R. Slapnik, S. Iepure, M. Pavlek, T. Dražina, A. Komerički, S. Gottstein: Hydro-accumulation of the hydroelectric power plant Lešće (Croatia): The example of the extensive devastation of cave karst habitats and cave fauna.
  • H. Bilandžija, M. Podnar, B. Jalžić, I. Patarčić, N. Tvrtković, H. Ćetković: Phylogenetic position of endangered stygobitic bivalve Congeria kusceri and phylogeographic structure in Croatia based on mitochondrial and nuclear DNA markers.
  • N. Buzjak, P. Kovač Konrad, V. Jalžić: Caves of shallow phreatic and epiphreatic zone in Sabljaci lake area (Ogulin region, Croatia).
  • B. Jalžić, H. Bilandžija, M. Cukrov, N. Cukrov: History of research and an overview of anchialine caves in Croatia.
  • I. Lučić: What do people know about Dinaric karst at all?
  • M. Lukić, R. Ozimec, S. Gottstein, B. Jalžić, J. Bedek, M. Pavlek, T. Dražina: Cave fauna of the Dinara Mt., Croatia.
  • U. Tulić, M. Pavičević, S. Milanolo, R. Ozimec, L. Lukić-Bilela: The cave dwellers of Špilja na vrelu Mokranjske Miljacke cave.