New channels discovered in cave Jama u predolcu, an important habitat of Dinaric cave clam Congeria kusceri.


During recent biospeleological and speleological research in Neretva river basin new channels were discovered in the cave Jama u Predolcu near town MetkoviŠ. This exploration was a part of a project for research and conservation of Dinaric cave clam, which is implemented by the Croatian Biospeleological Society and financed by the Ministry of culture. One chamber with lakes was known up till now in the cave Jama u Predolcu. In a new channel researchers discovered two additional lakes which are also inhabited by Dinaric cave clam, Dinaric cave worm (Marifugia cavatica) and other endemic species. Some narrow passages remain unexplored, and maybe some new chambers are yet to be discovered. Hopefully another project will be launched soon, and the research will continue.

The Dinaric cave clam is endemic to Dinarides. It lives in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has been placed on the European list of protected species and it is the only known bivalve that lives underground. In Croatia it is critically endangered and Jama u Predolcu cave is one of three localities still inhabited by this animal and is included in National Ecological Network CRO-NEN.

We would like to thank Markica Vuica (NGO Baštinik) and his family for hospitality and provided help, and Zlatko Grizelj, Ivan Bebek and Zoran Weber for help and support.