European Bat Night 2010..


Croatian Biospeleological Society (CBSS) once again participated in the organization of the European Bat Night. On 28th of August European Bat Night was organized by Public Institution Nature Park Medvednica in the old fortress Medvedgrad that was, for this occasion, turned into a "Battown". Fourth year in a row, on 9th of September European Bat Night was celebrated in the Zagreb Zoo and on 11th of September for the first time in the city of Rijeka in organization of City of Rijeka, Museum of Natural History Rijeka and CBSS. Since CBSS was this summer a host to researchers Chris Corben and Kim Livengood, visitors of the event held in Zagreb Zoo on traditional Batwalk had a chance to see ANABAT bat detector and listen to a short lecture from its inventor.

The aim of this manifestation is to remove prejudice and fear of bats and educate the public about the useful role and importance of protecting these endangered mammals. For all visitors CBSS organizes interesting lecture on bats; batwalks, where the visitors have an opportunity to listen to bat echolocation with bat detectors; visitors can learn more about the diet of bats, but also about caving and for the children there are different games and workshops prepared and each child gets awarded with a special recognition for participation. This interesting event attracts more and more visitors each year and is slowly becoming one of the most important nature protection events in Croatia.