"Speleological Meeting of Croatia in regarding to 110 anniversary of Speleological Section "Liburnija"".


In town Biograd na Moru Between 5th and 7th November Speleological section "Liburnija" of Monteneering Society Paklenica organized "Speleological Meeting of Croatia in regarding 110 anniversary of Speleological Section "Liburnija"". 194 cavers from 18 different speleological clubs and sections from Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia participated in Meeting. Sponsors of the Meeting were: The Speleological Committee of the Croatian Mountaineering Association, Croatian Speleological Federation, Town Biograd na Moru, National Park Paklenica and Nature Park Vransko Lake.

Results of explorations and research of caves during last few years were presented through 50 different oral presentation, posters and movies. Two round tables were also held: "New acts - is speleological education possible without caves?" and " Speleodiving in Croatia today".

Between numerous interesting presentations members of the Croatian Biospeleological Society contributed with presentations:

  • Hamidović, D., Žvorc, P., Kipson, M., Fressel, N., Kovač, D., Josić, D. & Zrnčić, V. - White nose syndrome - How speleologists can help.
  • Andrić, I., Glušević, M., Rnjak, G., Ozimec, R., Lukić, M., Jalžić, B. & Bedek, J. - An overview of the long term scientific research in Nevidna jama pit.
  • Kipson, M., Hamidović, D., Žvorc, P., Fressel, N., Kovač, D., Josić, D. & Zrnčić, V. - Bats in caves - protectiona and monitoring.
  • Žvorc, P., Hamidović, D., Fressel, Kipson, M. & Zrnčić, V. - Monitoring šišmiša u špilji Veternici.
  • Bedek, J., Lukić, M., Jalžić, B., Ozimec, R., Bilandžija, H., Dražina, T., Hamidović, D., Patarčić, I. & Rnjak, G. - New species of cave fauna as the results of explorations of Croatian deep pits.
  • Kovač-Konrad, P., & Jalžić, V. - Speleological exploration of cave Miljacka II - 2010.


  • J. Bedek, M. Lukić, R. Ozimec, B. Jalžić, H. Bilandžija, R. Slapnik, S. Iepure, M. Pavlek, T. Dražina, A. Komerički, S. Gottstein: Hydro-accumulation of the hydroelectric power plant Lešće (Croatia): The example of the extensive devastation of cave karst habitats and cave fauna.
  • M. Lukić, R. Ozimec, S. Gottstein, B. Jalžić, J. Bedek, M. Pavlek, T. Dražina: Cave fauna of the Dinara Mt., Croatia.


  • Lukić, M. - Behavior of Cave Fauna.

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