The Fourth Balkan Photo Contest


Two members of CBSS Damjan KrstiniŠ and Boris KrstiniŠ won a 6th and 9th prize in section "The Beauty of the caves" on The Fourth Balkan Photo Contest "We and Caves". The main goal was to show the best pictures, which had been made in 2010 by speleologists and friends of the caves from the Balkan countries and the free participation - guests from all around the world. Speleo Club Prista - Ruse, Bulgaria was the organizer. The competition was under the patronage of the Balkan Speleological Union, the Bulgarian Federation of Speleology and was implemented with the kind support of "Fotosynthesis"and Photo- House "Ralitsa".

You can see other awarded pictures from Croatian speleologist and other participants on the links: Balkan Speleological Union and Photosynthesis