22. Symposium internationale entomofaunisticum Europae centralis (SIEEC 22), Varaždin 2011


22. Symposium internationale entomofaunisticum Europae centralis (SIEEC 22) was held on 29 th June - 3 th July in Entomological Depertment of City Museum Varaždin. It was organized by Permanent Committee of SIEEC, Croatian Entomological Society and Varaždin City Museum. The main organizing commmittee was: Ana Previšić, Antica Bregović and Vlatka Mičetić Stanković. The Symposium is held once in every two years and this is the first time in Croatia. 32 oral presentation and 30 poster presentation was held by scientists from 11 countries. Altogether 82 participans were registered. The participants who are interested will have the opportunity to publish an article in Entomologia Croatica, as the proceedings of the Symposium and it will be special volume of this journal.

The members of Croatian Biospeleological Society also participated in Symposium, with 2 oral presentations and 4 poster presentations. The tehnical support was young students of biology, also the members of Croatian Biospeleological Society.


  • Pavičević D., Ozimec R. - A new remarkable troglobitic pselaphide (Staphylinidae: Pselaphinae: Bythinini) from Velebit Mt., Croatia
  • Bilandžija H., Ćetković H., Jeffery R. W. - Convergent evolution of albinism in cave adapted plant hoppers


  • Ćukušić A., Pavlek M. - Faunistics, ecology and biogeography of the cave-dwelling spiders of the families Nesticidae and Agelenidae (Araneae) in Croatia
  • Ozimec R., Tulić U., Lukić - Bilela L. - Biospeleological Research of Resanovačke Pedine Caves: Ledenica Cave
  • Pavičević D., Ozimec R., Njunjić I. - Genus Leptomastax Pirazzoli, 1855 (Coleoptera: Scydmaenidae) in the area of SE Europe
  • Raguž N., Bregović P., Jalžić B. - Distribution and morphology of subterranean genera Leptodirus Schmidt, 1832, Leptomeson Jeannel, 1924 and Antroherpon Reitter, 1889 (Coleoptera, Cholevidae) in Croatia

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