Scientific symposium: Special values of deep karst, April 21-22, Krasno, Croatia.


Scientific symposium: Special values of deep karst, April 21-22, 2012 will be held in Krasno, Croatia.

Deep caves are karst phenomena that to the researchers provide direct insight into the geological, geomorphological, microclimatic, hydrological and biological characteristics at depths of hundreds to more than two thousand meters. Because of the complexity and difficulty of access, not so many scientific explorations of deep caves and deep karst in general, has done so far. Croatian Dinaric karst area, especially the area of Northern Velebit National Park, where the year 2012 marks the twentieth anniversary of the discovery of the deepest Croatian cave system, Lukina jama - Trojama (1421 m) is a great location for this kind of research.

Themes of the Symposium:

  • Caving explorations of deep caves in Northern Velebit
  • Speleological exploration of large caves
  • Protection and management of the areas with large caves
  • Geology, hydrogeology, geomorphology, cave climate, geophysics and biospeleology of deep karst

The deadline for submitting abstracts (for lectures and posters) is March 1, 2012

You can find more information about Symposium on official site