In journal Natura Croatiaca Vol 20. No. 2 two papers about cave beetles and terrestrial isopods are published.


Giachino, P. M., Bregović, P. & Jalžić, B.: Five new species of the genus Leptomeson Jeannel, 1924 from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Coleoptera, Cholevidae, Leptodirinae). Nat. Croat., Vol. 20, No. 2., 355-374, 2011, Zagreb.

Bedek, J., Taiti, S. & Gottstein, S.: Catalogue and atlas of cave-dwelling terrestrial isopods (Crustacea: Oniscidea) from Croatia. Nat. Croat., Vol. 20, No. 2., 237-354, 2011, Zagreb.

In first paper five new species of genus Leptomeson Jeannel, 1924 are described, four from Croatia and one from Bosnia and Herzegovina: L. radjai n. sp. of from the pit Zvekača, close to Šibenik, L. dalmatinus n. sp. from the pit Maravića jama, on the island of Čiovo, L. bujasi n. sp. from the pit Jama kod Matešića stana, on the island of Brač, L. biokovensis n. sp. from the pit Pretnerova jama, on the Biokovo Mountain and L. raguzi n. sp. from the cave Majića ponor, near Grude. Moreover, some new chorological data are given on L. dombrowskii dombrowskii (Apfelbeck, 1907), found in the cave Baba špilja, on Biokovo Mountain (Dalmatia).

In Catalogue and atlas of cave-dwelling terrestrial isopods a checklist with historical overview and new records on the cave-dwelling terrestrial isopods (troglophiles and troglobionts) from Croatia are presented. Checklist is based on detailed analyses of available literature and unpublished data from collections.

For each species the following data are quoted: the name of the taxon; synonyms; general distribution; type locality; ecological status; list of locality records; species names used in the cited literature; the distribution map using 10 × 10 km UTM grid squares. Annexes with the locality synonyms used in the examined literature and collection data are enclosed.

Altogether this paper presents data from 557 caves, 6 artificial underground structures and 15 other epigean and subterranean localities. A checklist of cave terrestrial isopod taxa in Croatia is composed of 35 species and five subspecies distributed in five families, including 22 Croatian endemic and 20 troglobiotic taxa.