Scientific symposium "Special values of deep karst" was held on 21 - 22 April 2012 in Krasno, Croatia.


Scientific symposium "Special values of deep karst", 21 - 22 April was held in Krasno, Croatia. 128 experts and scientists from 24 public institutions and 18 speleological clubs from Croatia and Slovenia participated in the symposium.

Symposium was opened by Minal Nekić head of Northern Velebit National Park and Davorin Marković, head of State Institute for Nature Protection. 39 oral and poster presentations on different aspects of speleological and scientific research within caves and karst areas was presented.

A large number of participants and topics presented at the symposium reveal the need of continuous and multidisciplinary research of caves in Croatia. At the moment there is no institution to gather scientists of different research fields interested in karst research. To understand a complexity of the karst processes the multidisciplinary approach is necessary. Speleological research conducted by the Croatian caving clubs are basis for all scientific research and Croatian laws and acts should recognise speleological research as important basis for all other research.

Symposium was held in the Northern Velebit National Park characterised by diversity of karst phenomenon and cave fauna. On relatively small area of the park there are numerous deep pits that allows insight into deep karst processes and fauna on the depths more than 1400 meters. There are very few scientific research of the deep karst in the world due to complexity of these research. Thanks to the speleological clubs and National park an outstanding scientific data have been gathered in deep pits of the Velebit Mt. for the last decades. Symposium was held on 20th anniversary of discovery of Lukina jama -Trojama system - the deepest pit in Croatia.

Organizing committee
Jana Bedek (president), Dubravka Kljajo (NPSV), Marko Lukić (CBSS), Ruđer Novak (SOŽ), Domagoj Tomašković (SKS), Zvonimir Vrbanec (SOV)

Scientific committee
Dr. sc. Darko Bakšić (Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Šumarski fakultet), Dr. sc. Neven Bočić (Sveučilište u Zagrebu, PMF, Geografski odsjek), Dr. sc. Nenad Buzjak (Sveučilište u Zagrebu, PMF, Geografski odsjek), Dr. sc. Franci Gabrovšek (Inštitut za raziskovanje krasa ZRC SAZU, Postojna, Slovenija), Roman Ozimec (Croatian biospeleological Society, Zagreb), Dr. sc. Dalibor Paar (Sveučilište u Zagrebu, PMF, Fizički odsjek), Lukas Plan (Department for Karst and Caves, Natural History Museum Vienna, Austria), Dr. sc. Andrej Stroj (Hrvatski geološki institut, Zagreb)

National Park Nothern Velebit
Speleological section PDS Velebit
Speleological section HPD Željezničar
Caving club Samobor
Croatian Biospeleological Society

National Park Nothern Velebit
Speleological committee of the Croatian Mountainneering Association
Croatian Speleological Federation

Symposium proceedings ISBN 978-953-57151-0-8

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Photos: Ante Sušić