An article "Speleological and biospeleological research in Kostrena in period since 2010 to 2011" is published


Systematic speleological and biospeleological research of caves in Kostrena County were conducted during the period of 2009. - 2011. In total 12 caves and 4 tunnels were found. Two pits are completely devastated. Maps for 5 caves were made and for most of the caves air humidity, air, water and sediment temperature, and physical and chemical parameters of water were measured. Some of the most interesting biological findings are: pselaphide beetle of genus Machaerites, miniature whip scorpions of genus Eukoenenia, decapode crustacean of genus Troglocaris, terrestrial snail Zospeum kusceri, false scorpion Neobisium insulare, cell spider Stalita sp. and Rhode aspinifera. Altogether, 14 troglobitic and 3 stygobitic species were found.

Lukić, M., Rubinić, A., Ozimec, R., Lovel, K., Pavlek, M., Bedek, J., Jalžić, B., Dražina, T., Komerički, A., 2011: Speleološka i biospeleološka istraživanja u razdoblju od 2010. do 2011. na području Općine Kostrena. Život, kultura i povijest Kostrene. Zbornik Katedre Čakavskog sabora Kostrena, Knjiga IV, Kostrena, 9-37.