Booklet Cave Jama u Predolcu - meeting of the worlds is published


A booklet Cave Jama u Predolcu - meeting of the worlds, published by the Baštinik - Society for promotion of protection of natural heritage and Croatian Biospeleological Society is printed. Booklet is printed on 20 pages that discuss the cave Jama u Predolcu, its discovery, location, geology and evolution. Special attention was paid to the Dinaric cave clam Congeria kusceri that was found in it. Booklet is printed with the financial supprot of Croatian waters.

Congeria kusceri is the only cave clam in the world and an endemic species of the Dinarides. It is a tertiary relic, the remnant of the Tertiary fauna which has survived until today by retreating under-ground. Living populations of Dinaric cave clam have thus far been confirmed only in five localities in Croatia, one in Slovenia and several in Bosnia and Herzegovina. By IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) criteria Congeria kusceri is categorized as critically endangered.

Bilandžija, H., Miculinić, K., Komerički, A. & Jalžić, B. (2012): Jama u Predolcu - susret svjetova, Udruga za promicanje zaštite prirodne i kulturne baštine Neretve Baštinik, Hrvatsko biospeleološko društvo, pp 1 - 20.