21st International Conference on Subterranean Biology, Košice 2012.


21st International Conference on Subterranean Biology was held from 2nd - 07th September in Košice, Slovakia. It was organized by Institute of Biology and Ecology, Faculty of Science, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice i State Nature Conservancy, Slovak Caves Administration, Liptovský Mikuláš. 114 scientists from 23 countries participated on the conference with 70 lectures, 67 poster presentations and two short documentaries. Conference program was organized in several symposia: 1. Subterranean Biodiversity and Biogeography, 2. Adaptation, Development, Physiology and Behaviour, 3. Phylogeography and Phylogeny and Evolution 4. Microbiology, Geomicrobiology and Sedimentology, 5. Population and Community Ecology of Subterranean Organisms, 6. Subterranean Ecosystems, 7. Conservation of Subterranean Life. Numerous members of Croatian Biospeleological Society participated in the Conference and two of them received special recognitions: Dajana Hmura for best student poster presentation and Alexander M. Weigand for best student oral presentation.

Authors and coauthors on oral presentations from CBSS:

  • Bedek J.*, Lukić M., Jalžić B., Ozimec R., Bilandžija H., Dražina T., Hamidović D., Pavlek M., Patarčić I. & Komerički A.: Subterranean community from Lukina jama - Trojama cave system, the deepest cave in Dinaric Karst (Northern Velebit Mt., Croatia)
  • Bedek J.*, Ristori E., Taiti S. & Baratti M.: Phylogeography of subgenus Alpioniscus (Illyrionethes)(Isopoda: Oniscidae: Trichoniscidae) in the Dinaric karst
  • Lukić M.*, Čuković T., Porco D., Bedos A. & Deharveng L.: Species diversity and distribution of cave Collembola in Dinaric karst
  • Lukić M.*, Bilandžija H., Bedek J., Jalžić B., Kljaković Gašpić F., Ozimec R. & Pavlek M.: Dinaric type localities of cave dwelling fauna: research and conservation
  • Ozimec R* & Pavičević D.: Dinaric troglobiotic Pselaphinae (coleopteran, Styphylinidae) - biodiversity and potential
  • Pleše B., Ozimec R.*, Pojskić N., Ćetković H. & Lukić-Bilela L: Aquatic bacterial mats in Dinaric range caves: molecular and ecological approach
  • Bilandžija H.*, Ćetković H. & Jeffrey W. R.: Convergent evolution of albinism in diverse cave adapted animals
  • Weigand A. M.*, Jochum A., Slapnik R., Prieto C. E., Schnitzler J., Zarza E. & Klussmann-Kolb A.: Evolution of microsnails (Carychiidae, Zospeum) - phylogeny and cryptic diversification

Authors of poster presentations from CBSS:

  • Čuković T.* & Lukić M.: Diversity and distribution of cave dwelling Collembola of the Velebit Mt., Croatia
  • Ćukušić A.*, Pavlek M & Ozimec R.: Diversity and distribution of cave dwelling spiders of the family Nesticidae and Agelenidae (Araneae) in Croatia
  • Jalžić B.*, Bilandžija H. & Cukrov M: Distribution of the Dinaric cave-dwelling tube worm Marifugia cavatica Absolon & Hrabe, 1930 in Croatia
  • Komerički A.*, Weigand A.M. & Stoev P.: DNA barcoding of genus Eupolybothrus (Chilopoda, Lithobiidae) from Dinaric karst reveals unexpected cryptic diversity
  • Kučinić M.*, Ozimec R. & Jalžić B.: Diversity and distribution of troglophilic fauna of caddisflies and moths (Insecta: Trichoptera, Lepidoptera) of Croatia
  • Hmura D.*, Bilandžija H., Jalžić B. & Ćetković H.: Molecular taxonomy of the cave sponge Eunapius subterraneus Sket i Velikonja, 1984
  • Matočec N., Ozimec R.* & Kušan I.: Polycephalomyces ramosus (Hypocreales, Ascomycota) an interesting troglophilic entomogenous fungus, new for Croatia

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Next Congress will take place in 2014. in Mexico.