CBSS in organization of European Bat Night


Since 2006 Croatian Biospeleological Society (CBSS) participates in organization of the European Bat Night, an annual event under the auspices of the Agreement on the Conservation of Populations of European Bats (EUROBATS). The aim of this manifestation, organized in more than 30 European countries, is to raise awareness about bats in Europe, to remove prejudice and fear of bats and educate the public about the useful role and importance of protecting these endangered mammals. For the participants, CBSS organizes educational lectures on bats and games and workshops for children. Participants also have an opportunity to go on a "batwalk", where they can listen to bat echolocation using ultrasonic bat-detectors. So far, CBSS has participated in organization of the European bat Night together with the Zagreb Zoo, Public Institution Nature Park Medvednica, Public Institution National Park Krka and in the city of Rijeka (in organization of City of Rijeka, Museum of Natural History Rijeka and CBSS). This interesting event attracts more and more visitors each year, and is slowly becoming one of the most important nature protection events in Croatia.