"Second International Symposium on Anchialine Ecosystems"


On the 6th of October in Cavtat in Croatia, close to one of the most famous anchialine caves (Šipun), ''Second International Symposium on Anchialine Ecosystems'' was held. It was organized by Rudjer Boskovic Institute (IRB) and Croatian Biospeleological Society (CBSS) and under the auspices of President of the Republic of Croatia and The State Institute for Nature Protection. The symposium brought together forty researchers from eleven countries, who through oral presentations or poster presentation presented the results of their research, as well as new findings about anchialine systems. It was pointed out that anchialine ecosystems are of great importance for biodiversity of our country and the world, primarily due to the large number of endemic organisms that inhabit them. Anchialine ecosystems allow direct testing of biogeochemical processes and relationships that occur in the deep ocean, and by which scientists have very limited access. One of the important results of the symposium was need to redefine the term "Anchialine ecosystems" and the round table adopted new working definition for now. Also the importance of an interdisciplinary approach on these sensitive environments was stressed. 3rd Symposium will take place in 2015th year.

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