Annual Meeting of the CBSS


On Monday, 4 March 2013, at the address Savski kuti, Lomnička 3 in Zagreb, starting at 19:00 pm the Annual Meeting of CBSS's was held.

In brief:

After words of welcome by President of CBSS, Jana Bedek and a brief overview of the most important activities of the Society, the working representatives were chosen: Dajana Hmura, Lana Đud and Domagoj Tomašković. Scorer was Marko Lukić. Secretary report was presented by Martina Pavlek and treasury report by Ana Komerički.

New leadership of the Society was chosen. Leadership: President - Jana Bedek, vice president - Martina Pavlek, Executive board - Tvrtko Dražina, Petra Žvorc, Marko Lukić; Secretary - Lana Đud, Treasurer - Ana Komericki. All proposals were unanimously accepted. For the members of the Supervisory Board Branko Jalžić, Helena Bilandžija and Kazimir Miculinić are proposed . The proposal was unanimously accepted. Alen Kirin was selected as an Armourer.

In a further continuation of the Assembly, there were discussion about future courses, activities and other topics such as: the continued operation of the Society's collection and database, organization of the XIII European Symposium on Bat Research, which would be held 2014th year, 2nd volume of publications The Cave Type Localities Atlas of Croatian Fauna, 20th anniversary of the Society, working on the organization of society through SOKNO - Quality assurance system for nonprofit organizations, forming of the working groups for specific areas of work, work on Natura 2000 network and other topics.