CBSS on ZaDobroBIT/GivenGain platform


As a beneficiary of institutional support for the development and/or stabilisation of organisations provided by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development, the Croatian Biospeleological Society participated in an educational seminar about the use of online fundraising platform GivenGain, organized from 18-19th March 2013 in the Impact center in Zadar by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development. Guest speakers from GivenGain, Colin Habberton and Carla Ferreira, provided the neccesary information on using the platform as well as much needed inspiration to the representatives of non-govermental organisations from Croatia.

International platform GivenGain, founded in 2011 in South African Republic, enables online fundraising and connects and activates citizens for supporting socially beneficial activities of civil society organizations. Among the notable organisations which are already using the platform are UNICEF, WWF-SA, Medevins sans Frontieres, the Salvation Army and many others.

CBSS has activated its account on the platform, and you can visit it on following link.