CBSS on Scientific Picnic 2013


On 15 September 2013 behind Boćarski dom in Zagreb, the second Scientific picnic, an public event that brings science closer to wide public, was held. Croatian Biospeleological Society's members, presented the work of the Society in front of the 30 000 visitors. At educational workshop "Cave fauna under magnifier," the children were all day relentlessly sticking to scrutiny, and members of the CBSS, Anđela Ćukušić and Lana Đud, explained them why the cave isopod, collembolas, spiders and pseudo scorpion are so special. Marko Lukić and Ana Komerički presented CBSS's publication and scientific research projects: "Cave Type Localities Atlas of Croatian Fauna, Volume 1," "World Under World", "The Red Book of Croatian cave fauna", Biospeologica dinarica Database and many others. Anđela Ćukušic held a lecture "The World Under World" and presented short movie - Cave fauna behavior. Interest shown by the wider public and children for the endemic subterranean fauna have once again demonstrated that these public events are a great way of pointing out to fragile subterranean ecosystems and need for their conservation.

Movie Cave fauna behavior look at the video gallery.

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