A new species of snail from the Lukina jama - Trojama cave system is decribed in the journal Subterranean biology


A new species of the eutroglobiont gastropod genus Zospeum Bourguignat, 1856 is presented in this paper. It is described based on a population from the Lukina Jama-Trojama cave system (Velebit Mts., Croatia). A single living specimen occurred at 980 m depth. DNA analysis confirmed the difference between Zospeum tholussum sp.n. and other species of genus of Zospeum. Taxonomic research distinguishes eleven morphospecies (no subspecies considered) of the microgastropod genus Zospeum for the region of the Dinaric Alps (Bole, 1974, Slapnik and Ozimec, 2004, de Jong, 2012). All known Zospeum have lost visual orientation and are considered true eutroglobionts (see Sket, 2008). Information on their biology is scarce, but species seems to possess a limited active movement (Slapnik, 2001) and to prefer muddy and permanently wet subterranean microhabitats (Jochum et al., 2012).

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