CBSS organized The night of cave animals in Dubrovnik


Members of the Croatian Biospeleological Society have held an interesting event for all citizens of Dubrovnik within the Project Life under the City - the richest cave ecosystem in the world, co-financed by the City of Dubrovnik.

Night of cave animals was held on Sunday 11/30/2014 in Aquarium, Institute for Marine and Coastal Research in the fort St. John. Visitors had the opportunity to acquaint with the main characteristics and values of underground ecosystem, the importance of the protection and conservation of underground habitats and fauna, and, in general, natural values and biodiversity.

Visitors were able to attend a lecture about caves and their fauna, watch short films about the behaviour of subterranean fauna, observe cave animals under microscope, see the caving equipment and research techniques.

The event has had an exceptionally large number of visitors. Visitors of all ages and from other countries were present. Dubrovnik's media has released a number of reports on this unique evening - link.

Also, within the project, CBSS has held lectures and workshops in high schools in Dubrovnik. The students have learned about the caves, cavers who investigated them, cave animals and their ecological adaptations, and the value of the underground ecosystem and the importance of its preservation. Students could also see the film about behaviour and life of cave animals while on the workshops they could observe the preparations cave animals under the microscope. Also, they could learn about the caving equipment and speleological technique.















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