• Protection of subterranean fauna and the Cave type localities by making The Cave Type Localities Atlas, vol 3 - Environmental protection and energ efficiency Fund

  • Research and the preliminary analysis of the bat fauna in the Manita peć cave – Public Institution of „National Park Paklenica“

  • Mapping and monitoring of Leptodirus hochenwartii species in speleological objects of continental biogeographic region – State Institute for Nature Protection

  • Participation in design for interior decoration and lightning in Otruševačka Cave and making of the biospeleological studies – ARHIKON d.o.o.

  • Monitoring of bats in the National Park of Plitvička jezera – National Park Plitvička jezera

  • The development of program monitoring methodology protected species of cave invertebrates and their habitats, and their implementation – Environmental protection and energy efficiency Fund

  • Monitoring of Olm in the Drežničko polje area – Croatian Herpetological Society - Hyla

  • Monitoring of bats in Cave Veternica in Nature Park „Medvednica“ – Public Institution „Nature Park Medvednica“

  • Speleological and biospeleological cave research on the island of Mljet – Public Institution „National Park Mljet“

  • Preparation of texts, photos and illustrations for a monograph – Public Institution „National Park Mljet“